TAF'12 Tampere Art Factory 7- 27.5

In this workshop you will join WERC, Joachim, Jelle, and Olav, in the creation of a sculpture/structure that will be brought to live at the ending party of International Week, via projection mapping.

During the week we will create a concept for the augmented sculpture. Building a physical Object/sculpture/structure and experimenting with digital content. Visuals can be made trough different means of media. Like video, animation, programming or other (interactive) ways. Whatever gets and image. We will use projectors, in combination with light, Sensors, mic’s etc. This all brought together to create an experience that no audience has ever seen!
During the night you will be one of the vj’s, creating and mixing your own video content live, based on the sculpture and the way the dj steers the party. All to enrich the music and the party experience!

In the days prior to the show, we will take you true the basis of mapping, were it comes from, and what main ideas are behind it.
- Lecture about augmented sculptures.
- Concept for the augmented sculpture, what will be added?
- Showing vj programs modul8, resolume, madmapper, quartz composer.
- Doing tests on sculptures with video, mixing live,
- Creating prefab movies based on video maps.
- maybe some Interactive part

Good to know:

It’s a lot of work! Everybody must get ready for a full day of building at the party location, getting the sculpture ready, projectors into position, and getting your content ready before opening doors. Then we will start to work.

It takes some software knowledge. You have to be able to find you way around in an computer. Maybe some stuff like After Effects, video editing, Illustrator/Photoshop, and maybe even Ableton live..
Also if you have a Mac yourself. Bring it!