TAF'12 Tampere Art Factory 7- 27.5

TAF Programme

Tampere Art Factory, TAF '12, is a festival, a series of exhibitions, screenings and events during whole May!

Sound walks in Hämeenpuisto! Go to the main library, Metso, ask for mp3 player and go around.
The works are composed for the Sound Art course. You can meet to Grandpa, experience ten thousand kilometers and meet also Finnish poet Lauri Viita..

11.5. Friday
TAFTASTIC - TAF '12 the official opening party, part 1
20-03 at Laterna (tickets 4 € / 5 €)
performing JadaJada, Iloinen Mursu, Weirdship, DJ Filmari
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12.5. Saturday
The Night of the Museums - program in the bus: an old turist bus travels all night between the museums, in the bus local artists will perform: music and poets!
The Night of the Museums

12.5. Saturday
Spring in the Pants - the official ending party of the spring, Opening party for TAF, part 2
21-04 Klubi (tickets 4 €/5 €)
Surffiveikot, Funk in Funk Stairs, Dj Taphead and Dj Okapi
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FIIF - Finland International Impro Fest!
FIIF - website

24.5. Thursday
The Day of Moving Image! Screenings at Niagara and Plevna!
Detailed program will be published soon.

26.5. Saturday
Chillta - Listen Tampere!
18-22, Tallipiha
Magician Johannes Malkamäki, Sarah Thorton, Grateful Guests, Polartones, The Fifth Floor Band
Chillta -blog (only in Finnish)