TAF'12 Tampere Art Factory 7- 27.5


I'm Camille, 2nd year student of the Media Programme at TAMK and the visual designer of Tampere Art Factory 2012. I'm really happy to introduce you to the new blog layout for this year's TAF, and I hope that you'll like it.

Webdesign is not particularly one of my strong points but the challenge was worth the try!  As I set myself high goals, I learnt a lot during the whole process of making the blog's layout. It has not always been effortless, therefore I want to personally thanks Vasia Tolou, who helped me to solve technical problems, that I will still consider as some of the great mysteries of life.

As you might have noticed, the blog is pretty empty right now. No worries, the actual content will arrive soon, the closer we get to the start of the event.

See you in May!