TAF'12 Tampere Art Factory 7- 27.5

Yuwei Lin is Lecturer in Future Media in the School of Media, Music and Performance at the University of Salford in the UK.

About the workshop:

"This workshop titled "Open Everything: Theories, Methodologies and Practices" is based on Yuwei's longstanding interests in researching free/open source software communities and participatory cultures (and now the emerging open data movements worldwide). Yuwei will introduce relevant theories and methodologies drawn from the fields of sociology of science and technology, internet research (including virtual ethnography and digital anthropology) for understanding these parallel phenomena. The workshop will also involve practical hands-on sessions, using tools and techniques (may it be software, digital tools, research techniques or more crafty methods) for utilising, re-using, re-mixing, re-purposing, re-thinking, transforming open data and open content. This workshop will contribute to three themes proposed by the International week: 1) "audience change - from viewers to participants"; 2) "producing with audience", and 3) "new trends in mobile communication culture". This workshop will last for 2 days and each day for 3 hours."