TAF'12 Tampere Art Factory 7- 27.5

James is a senior lecturer within the School of Media at the University of Lincoln, providing teaching and support in the areas of media production, interaction, web and game design. Previous experiences in education also include 7 years working with the Hull School of Art & Design as well as a number of tutor-led short courses in specialised creative software.

His current research areas include the use of mobile phones as gateways to social networks and games which was the primary focus of his MA in Interactive Media but is now something of a passion. He is also heavily involved with emerging web technologies and multiuser mobile/PC web applications.

James has experience as a freelance designer and multimedia developer. His portfolio includes e-learning projects for Universities and web design projects for the public sector as well as more creative media-based projects.

24-hours.in is an interactive documentary that tells the story of a handful of locations across the world via short, High Definition, video sequences captured by everyday people on their smartphones.

As this project started at TAF it seems fitting to explore its progress and achievements while presenting participants with an opportunity to contribute to this exciting and expanding project.

This 4-hour workshop will be split between a presentation of the project (including plans for the future), an opportunity to capture and contribute new material, and a demonstration/workshop on usability design by participating in a user testing exercise - the results of which will help shape the future of the project