TAF'12 Tampere Art Factory 7- 27.5

Felix Sattler researches and develops formats that deal with the “Scenographies of Knowledge” – the common grounds of natural and cultural history. He is a lecturer in Media Arts & Design at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany. Linked to the Scenographies of Knowdlege research, he has offered a range of classes labelled "Inventory & Display" which have spawned the design of alternative archives and an ongoing series of student works called "Musterkoffer" (micro museums in suitcases). In the past years, Felix has curated and/or designed special exhibitions for the Phyletisches Museum Jena (Museum for Evolutionary Biology) and has worked as a consultant to other large-scale exhibition project at Germany's leading museums.

Mnemosyne was the greek mythological figure synonym with memory. The workshop "Mnemosyne - The Picture Altas from Warburg to Google" will be an introduction to the origin and history of image atlases and related strategies and effects of real existing and virtual classification systems. We will review Aby Warburgs famous “Mnemosyne” atlas (124-1929) in as well as works by contemporary artists: Christian Boltanski, Emily Jacir and Walid Raad are just a few out of many who work with picture archives as part of a practice concerned with memory or commemoration. We will also critically look into the latest developments of public digital image archives created by online communitiy users or by social media software using algorithms.
Participants will be able to quickly research, create and exhibit/discuss their own small-scale picture atlas. The goal is to discover both a research tool and an artistic format and surprise ourselves with some unexpected "missing links" in the vast universe of images.