TAF'12 Tampere Art Factory 7- 27.5

Cyrille Bloemers (1978, The Netherlands) has a Master of Arts degree in Art and Culture Studies and works as a lecturer and researcher at the Utrecht School of the Arts' Faculty of Art, Media & Technology. File under: Subversion, (Experimental) Film, Lowbrow, Installation Art, Creative Design Practices, Theory, Concept, Video Art, Music Video, Sampling, (Applied) Narrative Design, Activism....

Johan Rijpma (1984, The Netherlands) obtained his Master of Arts degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts (Faculty of Art, Media & Technology). His films, animations, music video's and other artworks are often the result of his fascination by and exploration of the creative design process and the element of unpredictability.

In short: A contextual, conceptual and practical exploration of the design process in which the audience (co-)generates/(co-)produces the artwork.
A bit Longer: I Create, they consume. So old fashioned! After all, this is a time of participating, sharing, connecting.... So why not create artworks together with your audience, involve them in the design process itself? Ever thought about what that could bring about for both the designer and the audience? To put you as a designer in an open and experimental mindset we will first, theoretically, explore a wide range of design processes/methods and pay attention to the role that unpredictability can play in these design practices. In the course of that debate-styled presentation we will focus more and more on the audience generated design process and eventually invite every participant to conceptualize and execute an audience (co-)generated/(co-)produced artwork by using the other participants of the workshop as the audience.